Aug 1, 2010

May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss

Arnab Ray

This is one of those books, that you happened to pick up because of the wacky cover, giggle, open, flip through and then not put down till you're incapacitated with laughter.
Quite the same scenario here.
This book is by a fellow blogger The Great Bong  and is really worth your time.

A breath of what might be hallucinogen induced air, this non fiction has all the components of our Bollywood pot boiler seeing how it is greatly influenced by one.
Expert deconstruction of the great Mithun Da starrer Gunda and other gems like Loha and Gupt make this book priceless.

Other Indian ready-to-eat mixes also tossed up are Management Institutes, SMS-ese, Soap operas, Reality Shows, News Channels, NRI's, The Great Indian Weddings, Call Centers and their praiseworthy flagellation.

The language is engaging; the writing is snide, witty and humorous and the content while having no apparent connection flows into each other. 

At no point is the book jarring, and the chapter about the Sexual Frustration is supremely imaginative.

One very singular point about this book is that it has been written entirely with the Indian Audience in mind, other nationalities won't really get the awesomity of the book simply because they wont understand it.
My personal opinion is that Arnab Ray probably didn't pause to think at all about the implications of narrowing his book down to a desi audience at all and I'm supremely glad he didn't. 
This might one day considered to be a work of art and we don't want it to be compromised due to the publishing and editing team's statistical crapola. And come on, he has 1/6 of the world population as his target audience and that is quite blinding!

You have to read it! 
(If you are an Indian, that is)

Rating 4.5/5

Vanilla Frappe!

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